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The Pearl Symbol Empty The Pearl Symbol

Post by Vuyelwa on Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:51 am

The deeper message of the poem is not only embedded in the dream-vision experienced by the poet, it is also embedded within the symbolism present within the image of the pearl. The expression of the dream-vision by the poet as a poem through the usage of particular poetic devices grants the poem immense strength, particularly in the understanding of the message it seeks to present to the reader. The symbolism and imagery used within the poem illuminates on the concepts and ideas discussed within it, moreover, they help to solidify its meaning to the reader. Therefore, the pearl symbol plays a significant role in the greater understanding of the poem. The poet finds himself overwhelmed with grief and sorrow over the death of his daughter. This causes him to experience a spiritual crisis since he has religious concerns and grievances due to his loss. However, the revelations he gets from the dream-vision help him to come to terms with these struggles: “to more of His mysteries had I been led” (To mo of his mysterys I hade ben dryven). The image of the pearl stands for the poet’s lost child, the maiden which he meets in the other realm, the grace of God that was bestowed upon her because of her innocence, the kingdom of heaven; as well as the poet’s own lost innocence (Cawley. xi), which I believe is significantly the reason for this dream-vision. I believe in understanding the symbolism of the Pearl, the message of the dream-vision is easier to attain because all these ideas represented by the pearl have in them particular themes which are connected to each other. Thus, in the comprehension of them the reader is able to obtain insight into the poem as a whole.


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